Paul Feig still has hopes for a Ghostbusters sequel

The GHOSTBUSTERS reboot is officially out on Blu-ray and, contrary to what some thought would happen, the world is not engulfed in Hellfire. The movie had all kinds of critics ranging from internet trolls to concerned fans. In the end the movie made a fair amount of money, just not enough to ensure a sequel, despite Sony's plans for a massive universe surrounding the characters and the paranormal world. Though sequel talks have died down, director Paul Feig is still on board shall they decide to bring the gals back for a second go.

While talking with The Daily Beast, Feig discussed everything from the election to making movies with strong female casts, but in the end expressed his desire to revisit the new team and give the characters another shot, despite the odds not looking too good:

“That’s up to the studio because they have to pay for it. Nobody’s called me. But I love those characters and I know they are now heroes and mean a lot to a lot of people, so in a perfect world it would be great if we could see them bust more ghosts, kick more ass, and be awesome again.”

The movie was surrounded with negativity from the get-go, with people going as far as to discredit the movie for misogynistic reasons. However, many didn't want it simply because they didn’t want to see a classic get the remake treatment. Regardless, the past is behind us, and now that the movie is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms, and Feig is happy people have been contacting him with tons of positive support and feedback:

“Now that the movie’s kind of past all that stuff and we’re out on DVD and streaming on digital, I get contacted all day long over social media by women thanking me for the movie, and girls and young women sending me pictures of themselves in their modern-day Ghostbusters costumes. I even get tweets from women saying, ‘If this movie was around when I was younger I’d maybe be an engineer now, because I see these cool women who are scientists.’ So I hope the world will go, wow, we got upset over something that we really didn’t need to get upset over. I’m hoping that time will rehabilitate us.”

We have heard reports there was "no doubt" the film would be getting a sequel, given the potential for revenue outside of the box office, including at-home release, games, merchandise, etc. However, the box office loss was a lot bigger than expected, so the odds of a sequel have been put in the maybe pile.

Though the movie was far from perfect I had a fun time with it. The cast was great and it had an infectious vibe, despite its flaws. Still, regardless of pre-release backlash, many not did not like the movie based on its merits, which is understandable. For those who did like the movie, though, there's hope it will find a bigger audience in the long run. Whether or not that means Feig will get a second shot is up in the air, but his passion is admirable. Let's just hope his sequel will have less possession-induced dancing than this first one did.

Source: Daily Beast



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