Penelope Cruz to star in Sam Mendes' Bond 24?

Remember back in June when Penelope Cruz was rumored for BOND 24? A production source later said the rumor was totally false, however, the French site Premiere recently spotted her name on a Sony release update, and it's for BOND 24.

Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Naomi Harris are also listed on the update (no surprise there), however it's odd Cruz's name is on it, and not Chiwetel Ejiofor, who we recently found out is being considered for the villain in the latest Bond flick. Last week when we learned about Sony possibly being interested in Chiwetel Ejiofor for the film, we also found out the next roles to be cast will be two female leads. Perhaps Sony has found one of those leads with Penelope Cruz, but Aftonbladet (via Bleeding Cool) is also reporting foreign actresses Disa Östrand and Ida Engvoll have filmed screen tests for BOND 24.

So has Penelope Cruz actually joined BOND 24, or did someone at Sony make a mistake with the release update? BOND 24 is scheduled to start filming in October, so hopefully we'll know more about what's going on with Penelope Cruz and the new movie in the near future.

BOND 24 will be in theaters on November 6th, 2015.



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