Peter Berg and Dwayne Johnson are discussing a sequel to The Rundown

Do you guys remember THE RUNDOWN? I do. It was a fun action movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott and directed by Peter Berg. It played like RUSH HOUR crossed with INDIANA JONES and had some nice supporting roles from Christopher Walken and Rosario Dawson. While it didn't fare well at the box office it has enjoyed a nice following since hitting DVD. Now, the 2003 flick may be getting a second life in the form of a sequel.

While Peter Berg lost a lot of respect from fans after BATTLESHIP, his upcoming release LONE SURVIVOR looks to be a return to form and a potential awards contender. During press for the movie, Berg was asked about reuniting with Johnson and he had this to say about THE RUNDOWN:

“I really want to do it. I’ve talked to Dwayne. I have an actor in mind that I can’t say that I want to work with Dwayne on it, and we want to do it.”

A sequel may not be such a bad idea as Dwayne Johnson could use a franchise all his own and his character in THE RUNDOWN, Beck, was a good use of both his comic timing and his action prowess. The question is which actor Berg is thinking of pairing with Johnson. As you may recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a cameo in the movie and that would be a cool pairing on the big screen, but I would settle for Mark Wahlberg taking Sean William Scott's place.

What do you think of a potential sequel to THE RUNDOWN?

Source: Collider



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