Peter Sarsgaard joins the third season of AMC's The Killing

AMC's THE KILLING was unceremoniously cancelled after season 2 when fans flew into viewer rage at the mystery dragging on for 26 episodes. Many, including myself, thought the tagline asking who killed Rosie Larsen would have been wrapped after the initial season. Instead, we were given more red herrings than any mystery novel or movie ever made.

After working out a deal with Netflix, AMC decided to bring THE KILLING back for a third season with original stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman. Enos has gone on to appear in the upcoming WORLD WAR Z and Kinnaman is our new ROBOCOP, so they do have some Hollywood cred now. Add to that an established star in Peter Sarsgaard and you have the makings of an intriguing season.

Sarsgaard will play Tom Seward on the show, “a death row inmate for whom the clock is ticking down. A lifelong convict born into poverty and crime, Seward’s been in and out of the system for violent crimes since he was 10. Not ever wanting to appear weak, every interaction is a challenge, and one he must dominate.”

Here's the synopsis for season 3:

“A year after closing the Rosie Larsen case, Sarah Linden is no longer a detective. But when her ex-partner Stephen Holder’s search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to a previous murder investigation by Linden, she is drawn back into the life she thought she’d left behind.”

Elias Koteas and Max Fowler are also joining the cast. No word on whether any other characters from the first two seasons will return. I will check out the new season when it airs despite being let down by the first two. The acting is top notch, especially Kinnaman.

Extra Tidbit: THE KILLING is the depressing drama version of PORTLANDIA.



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