Peyton Reed talks Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, and the funniest star he's worked with


If you've had your fill of the catchy main theme for ANT-MAN, then perhaps you'd like to read up on a few tidbits before seeing Marvel's latest this weekend? Director Peyton Reed has had the difficult task of picking up where fan-favorite Edgar Wright left off, but he seems pretty aware and generally unphased by this. That bodes well for us! There are no real spoilers ahead, so feel free to read up on some info Reed gave in a recent reddit AMA!

Peyton Reed on the initial cut of ANT-MAN:

Editor's assembly was about three hours long. My first cut was about two hours, fifteen minutes. I was hellbent on an Ant-Man movie that was tight and under two hours. I like a concise movie. I hope you do too. There'll be some cool deleted stuff on the DVD and BluRay. More training, Scott doing some bad things in the suit, etc...

Regarding the most challenging aspect of filming ANT-MAN:

It was all challenging. I wanted it all to look dynamic and photo-realistic. One of the most challenging was "de-aging" Hank Pym in ANT-MAN's opening scene. It's a tricky thing to do, especially because EVERYBODY knows what Michael Douglas looked like 25 years ago. Plus, it's the first scene in the movie! If it didn't work, a certain portion of the audience might be thrown at the beginning of the movie. Fortunately, a VFX company called LOLA did the work, and it's astounding.

Reed on Paul Rudd and the funniest person he's worked with:

Rudd is the greatest. Hard-working, smart, drama-free behind the scenes and a lot of fun. I've worked with a LOT of funny people. I refuse to rank them, but I will say two words: Amy Poehler.

Regarding his personal favorite comic book movie and what you'll see that's different in ANT-MAN:

I saw Richard Donner's SUPERMAN the day it opened. It imprinted pretty hard on me. Still my personal favorite. You will see ants. You will see a Lego-type brick. You will see a fight in a briefcase. You will see insane things you've never seen in a movie before. (And I love HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS!) #Moranis

ANT-MAN hits theaters this Friday!


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