Pfeiffer and Kutch?

UPDATE: Yeah, it appears the trailer is gone. Sucks for anyone reading this, huh? I'll hit you up with a fresh link as soon as that sucker crops up again.

These guys could totally fight crime with a name like that. And maybe they should, since I'm not feeling this trailer at all. The movie is PERSONAL EFFECTS and I guess it kinda looks like LOST IN TRANSLATION if the creative minds behind the flick swapped Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray for wrestling? Not really a trade up. Still, I'd hate to jump on a flick I know relatively little about so let's stick with the positives: Pfeiffer must be some kind of genetic miracle because that broad can age. She must be like fifty now, but she is still drop dead gorgeous. Was STARDUST a true story? Talk about aging gracefully. I'm pretty sure she looks younger than I do. Kutcher seems to be an intelligent fellow to me and I'd like to think he makes films because they are good. Also, good job with Travis in the trailer and I like that Pfeiffer's kid kinda looks like the crazy pirate dude in DODGEBALL. Still, it kinda seems like we got a look at the money shot, which if true, I absolutely hate. Check it out though, see what you guys think.

Extra Tidbit: Mrseldomseen with the tip!
Source: YouTube



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