Phil Lord and Chris Miller won't be directing Ghostbusters 3 for Sony

Who you gonna call? Not Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Last month most of you were happy THE LEGO MOVIE directors were in talks with Sony to helm GHOSTBUSTERS 3, but apparently they have turned the job down. The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider recently tweeted the news, and he says, "They were the studio's choice but wanted to keep their options open..."

While it sucks Lord and Miller won't be directing the film, it also makes sense since they're probably going to be a little busy with Warner Bros' LEGO franchise. Now Sony will be looking at their second choice to direct, however we have no clue who else they were considering for GHOSTBUSTERS 3.

According to the most recent report, filming for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 should start some time in 2015, so Sony does have plenty of time to find a director, but who will it be? I was pretty pumped when I heard Phil Lord and Chris Miller were in talks for the third film, and hopefully Sony will land a director who is just as exciting as the duo. Knowing GHOSTBUSTERS 3's luck though, Sony will probably hire the dude who directed 47 RONIN.

Who do you think should direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3?

Source: Jeff Sneider



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