Phil Lord & Chris Miller will probably only produce 23 Jump Street

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a few projects in the works, which has led to some wondering if they will be back for 23 JUMP STREET. Miller provided an update on the 22 JUMP STREET follow-up during an interview with Slash Film at the Fox day for the Television Critics Association summer press tour (he was there representing The Last Man on Earth), and Miller says although he and Lord are still developing the film, they more than likely won't be behind the camera for the threequel.

We are hard at work on 23 Jump Street, which I think we will probably just produce from a time standpoint. But we’ve been working really hard. We’ve got a really good first draft of a script in and we’re really excited about it.

When asked about their other projects (which include helming the Han Solo Anthology film and developing Warner Bros. and DC's THE FLASH starring Ezra Miller), Miller said he's not really allowed to talk about them.

While Lord and Miller probably won't be directing the next Jump Street flick, this doesn't mean it will be a very different movie compared to the previous installments, especially since they're sticking around to produce. I'm still a little bummed though, and I wonder if the duo have a filmmaker in mind for the movie. Who do you want to direct 23 JUMP STREET?

Source: Slash Film



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