Point Break remake finds its Johnny Utah to star alongside Gerard Butler

Hi, I’ll be your captain when it comes to any and all POINT BREAK remake news. Not because I want to be, but for some reason the movie news gods seem to drop all the tidbits of this remake on my shift.

Last month, we found out that Gerard Butler would attempt to fill the shoes once worn by Patrick Swayze as he stepped into the role of Bodhi. Then we heard that Keanu Reeves had no interest in even making a cameo for the remake. But who do you replace Reeves with? Who will play the new and improved Johnny Utah?

None other than the Cobra Commander.

No, I’m being serious here. Luke Bracey, who played the Cobra Commander in G.I. JOE: RETALIATION will take on the Utah role. Personally, I have very fond memories of POINT BREAK so a remake of this is sort of silly, but that’s the nature of things these days in the world of cinema.

Ericson Core (INVINCIBLE) will direct the script from Kurt Wimmer (SALT, TOTAL RECALL). The plot will be similar to that of its 1991 counterpart, but instead of surfing being the focus it will be “extreme sports”.

Anyone optimistic on this one?

Source: Deadline



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