Point Break Remake looks to add Teresa Palmer, plus Edgar Ramirez chimes in

Shooting on Ericson Core's POINT BREAK remake is about to start in three weeks time, and it looks like the final piece of the casting puzzle is being brought into place. I think pretty much any expectations of this flick were dropped when Gerard Butler was replaced with Edgar Ramirez (not that fans were clamoring for a remake beforehand), and there's plenty of indifference to go around with Luke Bracey filling in for Johnny Utah. We are missing one female lead, and word on the street is that will go to Teresa Palmer.

You may or may not recognize her from films such as WARM BODIES and I AM NUMBER FOUR, but she would be the de facto love interest for our hero. So it goes. Meanwhile, Edgar Ramirez has been super excited about the fact that he will be filling in for the role originally led by the late Patrick Swayze.

In regards to whether or not he is a fan of remaking POINT BREAK:

Always, I cannot believe that I’m making that movie. It’s almost magic, the whole thing. I remember I would always joke among my friends about a remake of Point Break. I would say, “You know what? Whenever there’s a remake of Point Break, I’m going to do it.” But since it’s such a California movie, and especially the role of Bodhi was such a California rooted character, I thought I would not be the first choice for it. Then the fact that the movie was offered to me, because it’s taking on a world scale, and it’s precisely Bodhi, the character that I always wanted to play. I remember when I first met Katherine Bigelow for Zero Dark Thirty—actually we met for another movie and that never got made, and then she called me and invited me to Zero Dark Thirty. I remember when we first met the first thing I said was, “You have no idea the magnitude of the influence that Point Break has had on me and my friends and my generation,” and I went on about how much I love it, and what I know, and all that. Then suddenly making that movie now, it’s pure magic.

I’m very, very happy. I’m very happy, because we’re not going to copy the movie, it’s a different story, but it keeps the subversive aspect—the subversion, the anti-system, the breaking out, the breaking free spirit of the first one; that’s what we’re going to try to definitely be faithful to that spirit—that you can take charge, that you can be in control, that you can think out of the box and you can reject the system and try to live on the grid, but on your own terms. So that’s pretty much the spirit, but it’s definitely not going to be—it is a remake in the terms that you have Utah and you have Bodhi and you have that spirit, but it goes beyond surfing and it’s a story that happens in today’s time. So I’m the first huge fan of Point Break and of course I will make sure that I protect it’s legacy.

Does Edgar's words do anything to placate the masses? I somehow doubt it, but on the other hand, I was never huge fan of the original POINT BREAK. Don't get me wrong, it's dandy (people still say "dandy", right?) popcorn entertainment on a Saturday afternoon, but there are other action flicks I'd place way ahead of Kathryn Bigelow's original opus. The one aspect of this remake that has me somewhat intrigued would be the script by Kurt Wimmer, who wrote/directed a hell of a low budget feature in EQUILIBRIUM. Then again, he followed that up with ULTRAVIOLET, which I'm pretty sure shaved a year off my life.

POINT BREAK will crash into theaters on August 7, 2015.

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