Pop-Up Movie Facts: Gremlins (video)

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Merry Christmas from JoBlo.com! The only way to celebrate the season is to POP a good Christmas movie into the old dusty VHS player. Christmas movies comes in many different shapes and sizes; some are cute little kid's movies and some are explosive action packed thrill rides starring Bruce Willis. But then there are those that fall in that grey area... like GREMLINS. Even after all these years (and a horrible sequel) this POPcorn classic has sure made it's way into the heart of our POP culture obsessed society; the cute and the ugly versions. We invite you to join us in reminiscing about simpler times when movies were fun, featured interesting characters and had practical effects that left us in awe and sometimes disgust. GREMLINS will be remembered for years to come and to help keep it's spirit alive we suggest learning some of these interesting tidbits about the film and what it took to bring these Christmas creatures to the big screen. Just because it is a "non-traditional Christmas film" doesn't make it any less of a cinematic experience, so treat yourself to a Christmas treat with the newest episode of JoBlo's POP-UP MOVIE FACTS! Check out the video below.

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