Pop-Up Movie Facts: Guardians of the Galaxy (video)

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With vol. 2 in theaters, we thought it would be a groovy idea to examine the first volume of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Today we pop the movie that made movies fun again!  Marvel Studios really took a chance on this one. Everyone remembers where they were when they got the news that Marvel would be making a space raccoon movie and honestly I didn't know how to feel about it. The gamble paid off and now every member of this super bunch is just as recognizable as any other cinematic super people out there. Upon it's release many described James Gunn's super comedy space epic as a wonderful mixture of STAR WARS and THE AVENGERS, which basically means it is close to perfect. Of course, every comic book movie is filled with easter eggs/fun little facts/funny behind the scenes stories and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is no different. So please hop into your spaceship and rush down to your nearest Youtube viewing station to watch the newest episode of JoBlo's POP-UP MOVIE FACTS!   

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