Preview over 20 minutes of the score to Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity by Steven Price

Okay, before we get started, make sure you grab some headphones or find a quiet area and pump up the volume on your computer.

All set? All right, cool. So, below is a 23-minute sample of composer Steven Price's score to Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, which is the exact score that's been used in all the trailers to chilling and pulse-pounding effect. As a score aficionado this sounds amazing. In what could have been a generic action score, Price has made something atmospheric and ethereal that suits the subject of the film perfectly, which is isolation, loneliness, and, oh yeah, panic. Price is relatively new to feature film composing (his credits include THE WORLD'S END and ATTACK THE BLOCK), but with GRAVITY he seems primed to go places.

Have a listen:

With such a great line-up of films coming down the pipe this fall you can expect a great line-up of scores to boot. Along with GRAVITY, some other notables scores are Hans Zimmer's RUSH and 12 YEARS A SLAVE, Henry Jackman's CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, Steve Jablonsky's ENDER'S GAME and LONE SURVIVOR, Thomas Newman's SAVING MR. BANKS, Arcade Fire's HER, and many, many more. Price seems to be setting the stage for all those to come after, which makes my ears very happy for the fall season.

Preorder the score to GRAVITY here!

GRAVITY hits theaters on October 4, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Another great "new" composer is Ryan Amon who did a fantastic job on the score for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium



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