Prometheus takes one small step for viral marketing with this beautiful picture

Prometheus tagline banner

The internet recently bore witness to a video of Guy Pearce speaking at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference as Peter Weyland in the year 2023.  It was a fantastic and fairly brilliant piece of viral marketing for PROMETHEUS that I've probably watched it at least as many times as I have the trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and the trailer for PROMETHEUS combined.  Well, now the viral campaign has taken its next step, rewarding those who registered on the site WeylandIndustries.com with a beautiful new picture that seems to be a light map of PROMETHEUS' universe.

Click the picture and you'll link over to a slightly bigger version.

Prometheus pic - light map

Any astronomers out there who can glean some further information from this, or is it just an awfully pretty picture? And what could the significance be of the figure that a closer look at the center of the light map reveals? They look to be wearing the same kind of space suit we've seen worn by Noomi Rapace - is this actually a straight still from the movie and Rapace's character has discovered a light map of the universe left behind by the Space Jockey? SO MANY QUESTIONS.  I've got to stop asking now, or I'll drive myself crazy.

But now that I'm on a question-asking-roll... the website also this picture attached to the headline "our family is growing."  Could this be the mark that tells an android apart from everyone else? Or is it merely symbolic?

Weyland Industries thumb

PROMETHEUS emerges from the darkness of marketing and misdirection June 8th.



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