Psy-Ops picked up

No, it's not hurried sequel to THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, rather PSY-OPS is a project from Scott Stewart (PRIEST) and Gus Krieger, and shockingly it is NOT based on a video game (despite my picture on the right), book or Japanese movie. Stewart actually came up with the idea himself and Krieger is penning the script. Originality alone just won a bunch of points from me already. As for the plot?

"Psy-Ops" revolves around a covert U.S. military unit of psychological operatives who specialize in exploiting their target's deepest fears. When on a routine mission to the Amazon Basin, they discover something more terrifying than they could have imagined.

Bold is hoping to combine the elements of such 1980s action flicks as "Predators" and "Aliens" with the psychological tone and visual realism of such 21st century movies as "Black Hawk Down" and the "Bourne" series.

Ah shit, I thought it was going to be about psychic soldiers who fight with telekinesis and stuff. But "psychological operatives who specialize in exploiting their target's deepest fears"? So like, if a rogue general is terrified of rejection, you send a hot girl into his life and have her turn him down? Or does it involve just throwing a lot of spiders and snakes at people? Either way, I’m skeptical, but I guess we’ll see.

Extra Tidbit: I predict whatever they find in the Amazon, it was made up by a rogue Psy-Ops agent using THEIR deepest fears against THEM. Spoilers!
Source: THR



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