Put your quarters up as the new Rampage trailer stomps online!

Giant gorillas, wolves, and crocodiles, oh my! It's game time, ladies and gentlemen! The first official trailer for what's perhaps the most surprising video game-to-film adaptation in years is finally here!

Based off of the 1986 Bally Midway action arcade game of the same name, RAMPAGE tells the tale of what happens when Dwayne Johnson's Davis Okoye's 7-foot-tall, 500-pound rare albino silverback gorilla named George comes into contact with an experimental serum gone wrong. After being exposed to the unstable liquid, George; a wolf named Ralph; and a crocodile named Lizzie begin to grow to kaiju-sized proportions and proceed to carve a path of destruction through a bustling city.

Directed by Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS, JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND), the over-the-top monster mash features Dwayne Johson, Naomi Harris, Joe Manganiello, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Marly Shelton in a battle of man versus abominable beasts galore!

If you'd have told me that there would be a AAA film adaptation of RAMPAGE, back when I practically living at the local arcade, I would have been all like, "Nah, they'd never do that. And even if they did, it probably wouldn't be very good," And now, just look at how far we've come - and how wrong I would have been. I can still recall the day they wheeled the original RAMAPAGE arcade machine into my local Nathan's Famous, and how you had to fight for a chance to play it. Ralph the wolf was my main, as I loved his gnashing teeth, razor-sharp claws, and wild fur. I am so pumped for this movie! Bring it on!

RAMPAGE will be unleashed in theaters on April 20, 2018.

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