Rachael Taylor cast as Hellcat in Netflix's Marvel series AKA Jessica Jones

Netflix continues to add to the cast of their upcoming AKA JESSICA JONES series with another Marvel character and future member of THE DEFENDERS, Patricia Walker. Fans of Marvel Comics know Walker better as Hellcat. GREY'S ANATOMY and CRISIS actress Rachael Taylor will portray Walker, best friend and confidant to Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones.

In the comics, Hellcat was student and friend to Hank McCoy (aka Beast) and soon joined The Avengers. Using an abilities enhancing suit, Walker adopted the Hellcat persona before eventually making her way to The Defenders. She also assists Doctor Strange and develops the ability to detect mystical and psychic phenomena.

Taylor is a beautiful actress who I have found a bit two dimensional on screen, but that could also be due to the projects she has been involved with. There is no indication she will be Hellcat on the series but we do have this character summary.

Patricia ‘Trish’ Walker, a syndicated radio talk show host, former model and child TV star known to her adoring fans as “Patsy” Walker. As Jessica Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) closest friend, Trish helps her embark on the most dangerous case of Jessica’s career.

I could easily see this as a test for Netflix and Marvel to gauge interest in the character as a potential member on the planned DEFENDERS mini-series alongside Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and the uncast Iron Fist. The DOCTOR STRANGE connections also make me wonder if there is a potential big screen leap for Rachael Taylor on the horizon.

AKA JESSICA JONES will debut on Netflix later in 2015.

Source: Deadline



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