Ready your slingshots cause the Angry Birds movie is coming

I'm an "Angry Birds" addict. There, I said it. I compulsively play until I've gotten 3 stars on every level and found all the golden eggs. It's a sickness, I realize it. But it's this kind of obsession with "Angry Birds" that has turned the mobile game into a phenomenon. And it's that kind of worldwide notoriety that now has the "Angry Birds" on their way to the big screen.

Rovio, the game developer behind the app, is in development on a series of animated shorts that would lead into a full-length theatrical animated film. Recently Rovio hired David Maisel, the man who negotiated some of Marvel Studios' early contracts, and his first priority will be to attempt to turn Rovio into a Pixar or Blue Sky type animation studio (they recently purchased Kombo, an animation outfit out of Finland).

The ANGRY BIRDS film is already out to writers and directors but so far no studio is attached to distribute the film. With most every studio comfortable with their own in-house animation department, I'm not sure where Rovio could find a home, unless they went with one of the mini-majors like Summit or The Weinstein Co.

Up next for "Angry Birds" is a cookbook (?) and a version of the game for Nintendo's handheld DS.

Source: Variety



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