Red Dawn propaganda

Well, this new batch of photos from the RedDawn2010 fansite confirms my suspicions that yes, the RED DAWN remake has officially ditched Russian and Cuban invaders in favor of the Chinese, and yes, they’re actually calling it “China” instead of “a large eastern superpower.”

If this is the case, this movie might shape up to actually be a pretty controversial project. Picture a film that shows middle American all overrun with Asians in military uniforms telling us they’re going to make our country better through communism. I foresee this might upset a few multicultural organizations and possibly China itself. Either way, I think this project just got a lot more interesting.

Check out these pieces of propaganda below to see what I mean, and click to head over to the fansite for the full collection.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, I realize the original film was released around when we were actually sparring with the Russians, but I feel like people are a lot more sensitive these days.
Source: RedDawn2010



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