Reese Witherspoon gets Disney's Wish List

When was the last time you genuinely liked something Reese Witherspoon was in? Was it WALK THE LINE? Well, it was for me. Then again, everything will continue to pale in comparison to her performance in FREEWAY.

"Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can't believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you're just a big old shitbag aren't you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing motherf*cker!"

Reese's next role is nothing like that. The actress has signed on to star in Disney's WISH LIST.

The comedy script from Randi Mayem Singer (MRS. DOUBTFIRE, TOOTH FAIRY) is about, "an overly imaginative little girl who makes ten wishes at a wishing well. They don't come true because her coin never reached the bottom and eventually she loses her inner child and becomes a full grown and ambitious career woman. Some 25 years later, the coin is dislodged, falls to the bottom and she has to deal with the ramifications of 10 kid wishes coming true all at once."

Source: Deadline



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