Reg E. Cathey cast as Dr. Franklin Storm in The Fantastic Four

Veteran actor Reg E. Cathey has joined the cast of Josh Trank's THE FANTASTIC FOUR in the role of Dr. Franklin Storm, father of Sue (Kate Mara) and Johnny (Michael B. Jordan). The casting announcement comes after months of speculation as to how Jordan and Mara would play siblings. Some theorized the Storms would be presented as a mixed race family or that Johnny would be an adopted sibling to Sue. Cathey's casting now would make it seem obvious that Mara's Sue would be the adopted sibling.

Cathey is a veteran actor who has appeared in dozens of films including SEVEN, THE MASK, AMERICAN PSYCHO, as well as acclaimed television series THE WIRE and HOUSE OF CARDS. Cathey is a damn fine character actor and should make for a fine Dr. Storm. With Trank's film taking a revisionist origin to the superhero team, it is unknown if Cathey's character will follow the comic arc that included him becoming a gambler and convicted felon. The comic version of Storm also had a major part in a storyline involving the team and an encounter with the Mole Man, a character recently announced as being played by Tim Blake Nelson.

While I have no issue with the casting of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, I know many fans are not happy about Jordan in the role of Johnny Storm as it deviates from the comic books. I am fine with it as long as solid talent like Cathey joins to production. How the story itself will appear on screen is another issue entirely.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR is slated to hit theaters on June 19, 2015.



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