Regal will allow you to see Spectre once a day for a price

How much James Bond is too much James Bond?

Regal Cinemas is offering up the chance for you to find your breaking point with the Ultimate Ticket for SPECTRE.

For 100 bucks, you'll be allowed to see the 24th James Bond film once a day for the movie's entire theatrical run at Regal theaters. With this opportunitiy only available to the first 1000 buyers willing to plunk down their money, those participating will also get their very own laser-etched steel collectible that shows off the SPECTRE symbol. Plus, each one will be personalized to have your name on it... in case you want to show all of your friends and family why you can't book any plans for a few months until SPECTRE is onto the home entertainment path.

Now don't think you can cheat Regal on this by passing the card around within a group hoping to save a few bucks over the long haul of 007's latest release. You're going to need photo ID every time you use the card and obviously it is non-transferrable. Also, you can't use it to buy your tickets online, so get ready to start flashing it at every Regal box office you visit.

I've heard of people seeing a movie multiple times in a theater, but this requires some serious committment. After all, if you're going to lay out the $100, you'd better damn well use the card as much as possible and get your money's worth. But can you even imagine seeing the same movie every day for a number of months? I sure can't... but I'd love to meet someone up to the challenge. I'd guess they have a lot of time on their hands.

SPECTRE is set to show up in theaters, Regal and otherwise, on November 6.

Source: Regal



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