Reports say that Bond 24 is looking for the next classic henchman

While Daniel Craig has been Bond we've only gotten 3 movies in 8 years. They're certainly not breaking any records, but I also feel that MGM has delivered two of the best Bond films in CASINO ROYALE and SKYFALL.  I don't mind the quality over quantity approach especially with Sam Mendes back in the director's chair for BOND 24. Production is getting started a little later than usual, which may push back the release date, but word on the cinema street is that they're looking to bring a classic henchman (along the lines of Oddjob and Jaws) into the fold.

According to MI6, casting is already underway for the assassin Hinx (as he's currently titled). They're looking for someone physically fit, over 6'2" (Craig is 5'10"), ages 30-45, and possibly with a "very unusual look." Evidently this hitman will have several altercations with Bond and will also be involved in a driving sequence.

The Craig films have done a great job at establishing a real-world Bond while also having some fun with its villains. It's a fine line to walk between Connery and Moore and while there's a place for both kinds of films, I hope they don't push it too far. Mendes gave us a great set-up for some classic Bond shenanigans come the end of SKYFALL, so to say that BOND 24 is anticipated is a great understatement. Given the outcome of the last flick, I have all the faith in the world that Mendes will deliver.

BOND 24, starring Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes, is currently scheduled to hit theaters November 6, 2015.

Yeah, this looks about right.

Source: MI6



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