Review: Death Proof

Death Proof
7 10

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan

PLOT: A film about a Jungle Julia, a black DJ from Austin, who sets out on a wild girls night out while attracting the attention of handsome but dangerous Stuntman Mike. The film was originally released with Robert Rodriguez PLANET TERROR in the US as the double feature called GRIND HOUSE. Tarantino extended and independently released his half as DEATH PROOF in Cannes with added guilty pleasures. 

CRITIQUE: By now we all know that visionary director Tarantino has a special affinity for displaying violence in his films. DEATH PROOF will be another one of his pulp culture classics to add to his list with PULP FICTION on top. The film displays long-winded yet witty dialogue, which I found particularly amusing. It also allows us to build a better understanding of the relationships between the characters while getting to know them on a more intimate level. As expected, there is a killer soundtrack to accompany every scene thus elevating the thrill and action ride. Although I am not big on blood and gore, Tarantino has mastered the art of entertaining with such nostalgic enthusiasm and exploitative violence, that it’s almost humorous. His deep, artistic vision is vibrant and defined, making the film an enjoyable ride from beginning to end.

The film is perfectly cast with Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Kurt Russell as the lead in this exciting, ensemble piece. Poitier is an approachable, grounded actress while Russell wears a different hat with a passion to kill and fulfill his character’s desires. As usual, Tarantino also makes a cameo appearance but lingers a little too long for his own good. There are many other adrenaline driven race and chase action scenes that are exciting and arousing. The fight for survival becomes an exhilarating journey till the end. Although this marks the first real real bad guy role for Russell, I think he did a remarkable job with his comical and intriguing disguise. Like all Tarantino’s other films, DEATH PROOF moves along efficiently. Despite all the violence throughout the film, I remain a big fan of Tarantino’s and can’t help but be visually pleased time and time again with what he has to offer on the big screen. I enjoyed the film regardless of all the criticisms and innuendos and look forward to seeing it again. -- 7/10


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