Review: Sicko

8 10

Directed by: Michael Moore
Starring: Many people with no health care

PLOT: Moore attempts to enlighten and educate the world on the private medical affairs that affect the welfare of US citizens by investigating and dissecting the American healthcare system with another controversial documentary.

CRITIQUE: Based on his previously acclaimed films FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, it has become evident that director Michael Moore loves ruffling feathers and stirring up controversy. Sticking to his original format of reporting and calling it as he sees it within his one man documentary style of filming, he takes another go at the US government by shedding light on the complicated, systematic medical affairs of individuals and communities.

This film is another educational piece and once again, he displays admirable courage by addressing and highlighting the major flaws that plague our healthcare system. Although I was aware of the necessity to pay for or be provided with healthcare within the US , I wasn’t prepared for this shame-inducing lesson of corruption within US medical systems. Having worked in bigger industries in NYC, I was spoiled and somewhat oblivious to the critical conditions and consequences faced by regular folks without insurance or discriminated by health insurance companies. The facts disclosed were devastating and the comparisons were eye opening. I for one, found myself questioning why I even left my Canadian home.

Moore’s style of filming and directing was consistent with his past documentaries. I enjoyed his use of sarcasm, humor and witty commentary throughout the film. What I found especially intriguing was the research and comparison drawn between the US and other countries. I appreciated his heroic efforts in helping specific people get the attention they needed. Unfortunately, it was already too late for some. I was already aware of the wonderful socialized healthcare system available to Canadians but I didn’t know how much more England , France and Cuba ’s health programs had to offer.

I felt repulsed by the US as the film progressed. Granted these countries pay heavy taxes to uphold their systems, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth it. Why must people die, suffer or be punished for their lack of funds when medical attention is a priority or necessity to live? It’s amazing to discover the level of corruption existing in our system. The facts Moore uncovers in SICKO are disturbing and sickening. Naturally, he will be attacked and criticized by many for attacking the US government and healthcare systems. However, be careful not to become ill over the evidence presented because you may have to travel to another country to receive the expert medical attention otherwise rejected by your provider. Good for you Moore…I love your continued efforts in removing the blinders. -- 8/10


Source: JoBlo.com



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