Review: U2 3D

U2 3D
9 10

U2 3D
Directed by: Catherine Owens, Mark Pellington
Starring: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.

PLOT: Owens and Pellington team up with 3ality Digital in this unique 3D film to capture and immerse fans in the magic of U2’s Vertigo concert in Buenos Aires , taking concerts to a whole a new dimension.

CRITIQUE: Wow, where do I begin? Considering my deep passion and adoration for U2, this film was the most fascinating and exhilarating treat, even at an 8am screening. Despite mixed reviews and over analytical nitpicking of this progressive and revolutionary technology, the film was an adrenaline driven rush, delivered with upfront and personal action from beginning to end. It was an explosive, all access U2 concert pass intensified by the use of 3D Bono style sunglasses. I truly enjoyed the ride and was honestly unprepared for the extent of the overwhelming, emotional impact created by the 3D effects.

The floating opening credits were an immediate indication of the depth and virtual ecstasy the film would produce. Using two cameras, the angles were shot from an audience and performance perspective. It induced the surreal sensation of engaging with the floor-seated fans and simulating with the band onstage. The result of this inventive, intimate and rhythmical film was a tear jerking, spine tingling and hair-raising concert experience. Every frame seized U2’s customary use of intense and dramatic colors. Each poetic scene highlighted the captivation of the concert attendees while engrossing 3D participants with invigorating close ups of band members.

One particularly memorable scene exemplifying the powerful effects of this new dimensional film, was an emotionally stirring serenade of ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday.’ The visual execution was so extraordinary and successful, it evoked stimulating illusions of Bono literally stepping out of the screen and touching my face…seriously! Another riveting moment was an emphasis placed on the band’s political activism by focusing on the freedom of rights enunciated by an Asian woman on the big screen. I was engaged in every fervent beat, every inspiring note and every physical move exercised throughout the concert. It was extremely difficult to remain seated and refrain from singing along to the famous songs.

I only wish I could have prolonged the euphoric sensation created by U2’s concert film (it only runs about 55 minutes). The good news is that the final version will be much longer upon its projected release early next year. Although this isn’t your typical artsy Indie film, I’m looking forward to being enraptured by the sounds and 3D visions of my favorite band once again. -- 9/10

Source: JoBlo.com



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