Rian Johnson will shoot Star Wars: Episode VIII on film; IMAX a possibility


Shooting on a digital medium is nothing new, even for STAR WARS, but most fans were elated to hear that J.J. Abrams would be sticking to film stock as far as THE FORCE AWAKENS is concerned. He even went as far as to shoot a scene in IMAX, although we don't know if audiences will get a chance to see that in 2D IMAX yet due to a 3D conversion done in post (major bummer if not). As the directorial baton passes from Abrams to Rian Johnson for EPISODE VIII, some may wonder if Johnson will carry on the film tradition. I think you'll be pleased with his answers!

As you can see, IMAX isn't a given for EPISODE VIII, but I hope that Johnson will check THE FORCE AWAKENS OUT in a proper theater and decide to go for it! STAR WARS isn't exactly a franchise that's been established by giving each film its own flavor (a la MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE or even JURASSIC PARK), but I really wouldn't mind that changing as we go forward. J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards are all so different stylistically, and it'd be a shame to not let those talents shine when adapting their stories to the STAR WARS universe. That's part of what makes this next chapter for STAR WARS so exciting!

STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII will hit theaters in May of 2017.

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