Richard Donner says Steven Spielberg developed the story for The Goonies 2

A couple of weeks ago, the exciting news was revealed by Richard Donner that THE GOONIES would be getting a thirty year-belated sequel. While it sounded like it was in the early stages, it was enough positive news to get the internet talking. 80s kids and movie fans have been hoping for a follow up to THE GOONIES since the first film premiered and it may be getting more traction that we thought.

TMZ caught up with Donner again and asked the director about THE GOONIES 2. Donner played dumb for a little while before revealing that Steven Spielberg himself is directly involved with trying to get the sequel made. Spielberg also was apparently the one who concocted the story for the sequel.

Spielberg has spent the predominant amount of his time over the last decade producing films and television series through Dreamworks. Simply the name Steven Spielberg is often enough to get a project made even if he is only serving as producer. If Spielberg has in fact developed a story for THE GOONIES 2, the next step would be getting a writer and director on board. Donner seems confident in the project but doesn't seem to indicate to what capacity he will be involved. While I am sure Donner could direct the hell out of the movie, he and Spielberg may be looking to bring in a new talent to helm the picture much like he did with Colin Trevorrow and JURASSIC WORLD.

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