Ricky speaks Truth

Ricky Gervais has signed on to star in and co-direct the upcoming comedy THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH based on a script he co-wrote with Matt Robinson. The film takes place in a world where there is only truth; no lies. Gervais' character tells the first lie and realizes the strange power it brings. The film will mark the feature directorial debut for Gervais who will co-direct with Robinson. Says Gervais of his pet project: "My character's a loser who's about to lose his job...but once he lies and pretends he's found lost stories, he becomes the greatest storyteller in the world." Gervais recently wrapped shooting on his HBO series "Extras" (which will begin airing this December) and is scheduled to shoot the romantic comedy GHOST TOWN with Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni this October. Filming on TRUTH is scheduled to begin next spring right before the impending strike.

Extra Tidbit: Gervais is the only "Simpsons" guest star to also receive a writing credit on an episode.
Source: Variety



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