Riddick director David Twohy to helm sci-fi drama Ice Moon Rising

Ice Moon Rising David Twohy Banner

Variety is reporting that David Twohy, who was behind the camera for all three of Vin Diesel's RIDDICK flicks and will return FURIA, the planned fourth installment in the series, has been set to write and direct a sci-fi drama titled ICE MOON RISING. The film, which will feature a female Chinese lead character, is being produced by Das Films’ Sriram Das and Greater China's Steve Chicorel, and the budget of the U.S.-China co-production will be around $50 million.

ICE MOON RISING is set in space when a Chinese and American task force venture to Jupiter’s moon Europa to awaken an astronaut from a cryogenic stasis, some 24 years after he was attacked by alien creatures in Europa’s sub-glacial seas. Awake, he then has to be reunited with his wife and a daughter he has never met.

Apparently a team of former NASA scientists designed "a significant number of the space vehicles and equipment" for the movie, and Das says “The science will be very real and not overly futuristic. The sci-fi should not distract from the very human story." Production is scheduled to begin at the end of the year in either the U.K or Canada. What are your thoughts on ICE MOON RISING?

Source: Variety



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