Rob Cohen continues making movies, signs on to direct revenge thriller Bullet Run

Director Rob Cohen's output has been relatively minimal these past five years or so. After the cinematic abortions that were THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR and STEALTH, that's probably been for the best.

Today, Variety is reporting that Cohen has signed on to direct a new revenge thriller with the fabulously generic title BULLET RUN. The film, from a script by Andrew Hilton (THE LOST PATROL), is "centered on the head of an elite private protection team and his ex-CIA agent wife attempting to avenge their daughter's murder by infiltrating Iran to bring the killer to justice. When the operation to extract their target goes awry, they must battle through 200 miles and 20,000 bullets while keeping alive the one man they want to kill."

Cohen will continue developing the script and likely direct the film after he completes work on the James Patterson adaptation I, ALEX CROSS, which for some reason stars Tyler Perry in the title role.
Extra Tidbit: Early in his career, Cohen directed episodes of "Miami Vice".
Source: Variety



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