Rob Liefeld talks about Deadpool, the comic to screen and Ryan Reynolds!

Last year at Comic Con, our own Paul Shirey talked to the creator of Deadpool well before the Merc with a Mouth was hitting the big screen. And now that the film is smashing into theatres in a big way, we once again spoke to Mr. Rob Liefeld. The beauty of this particular interview is just how much time we had to spend with Rob. Usually, you get a four minute slot and that is it. Not this time.

During our conversation, we spoke to Mr. Liefeld about his thoughts on the movie now that he has finally watched it. He talked about the experiece working with Fox and how much he took part in bringing this to fruition. It was a fascinating opportunity chatting with the man behind this incredible character. If you are a fan of JoBlo, you are very aware that DEADPOOL will be kicking ass while chopping away at the bad guys this very evening. Go see DEADPOOL... as if you needed me to tell you that!

Check out our interview with Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller for DEADPOOL right HERE!

DEADPOOL opens this Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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