Robert De Niro joins Robert Pattinson in thriller Idol's Eye

Director Olivier Assayas just scored a welcome addition to his new film IDOL'S EYE. Robert De Niro will now join Robert Pattinson for the movie which is being described as a sophisticated heist action-thriller. The plot is still under wraps but is said to be based on a 2007 Playboy article called "Boosting The Big Tuna" by Hillel Levin which is inspired by actual events.

The story follows a bunch of regular criminals who accidentally rob a porn store backed by Chicago mafia boss Tony Accardo. Checking out Accardo’s Wiki page, one can easily assume that De Niro might be up for the role of said mafia boss. Robert Pattinson, who is doing a great job of stepping away from being a glittery lust object by taking on more dramatic (THE ROVER) and sometimes bizarre (MAPS TO THE STARS, COSMOPOLIS) roles, should make for a good pair up with De Niro.

You don't mess with a mob boss and you don't mess with his porn; that's something they should teach you early on.

You knew it was coming:

Production is set to begin in October 2014.

Source: Variety



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