Robert Downey Jr. circling lead in Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice

It seems that I've posted more stories about Robert Downey Jr. dropping out of movies than starring in them lately. 

A while back, he left COWBOYS AND ALIENS, then Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, now OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. So outside of SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 and THE AVENGERS, is this guy ever going to star in a new film again?

As it turns out yes, probably. Downey Jr. is currently in talks for the lead in P.T. Anderson's INHERENT VICE. The filmmaker has had trouble getting his own projects off the ground recently, as his Scientology allegory THE MASTER was mysteriously shuttered, and only recently he received funding from billionaire heiress Megan Ellison to start making films again.

Seriously, the guy wins Oscars and has rarely made a bad film, and he has to turn to heiresses to get funding for his movies? What's going on here Hollywood?

Scientology blacklisting conspiracies aside, it does look like INHERENT VICE will get made. What's it about?

Vice is a comparatively accessible Pynchon work that tells the story of a stoner detective who gets wrapped up in a number of mysteries in 1969 L.A. while the Manson Family trial growls in the background.

Downey Jr. as a stoner detective? Sounds like a plan. Now flirt with that heiress some more and get this movie (and THE MASTER) made PT!

Extra Tidbit: My middle name is also Thomas.
Source: THR



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