Robert Downey Jr. & Richard Linklater are re-teaming for a new movie

Some may think the world is at the worst it’s ever been, but there's ample evidence to prove the contrary. Aside from Doritos tacos and islands populated only by cats, news has broken that unstoppable actor Robert Downey Jr. and master director Richard Linklater are reuniting for a new film. Yes, the world is good.

Word is the duo will collaborate on a movie based on an episode of the podcast Reply All called "Man of the People". Set in the 1920’s and 30’s, it tells the story of a bitter rivalry between two doctors, one of whom was John Brinkley, a man who found acclaim and riches by scamming people with phony medicine and a populist attitude all by utilizing a hot new toy – radio. The second doctor, Morris Fishbein, editor of the journal of the American Medical Association, spent years trying to prove this man was a charlatan and bring him to justice.

Linklater is set to direct the movie, and Downey starring (as Brinkley, I pressume), with no word yet on other casting or other miscellaneous details. Downey will be producing with his wife Susan, as well as Megan Ellison producing for Annapurina.  

Of course, Downey will have to finish up any work he has left to do on the upcoming  AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which just started shooting. Linklater is also working on a new film with Amazon called LAST FLAG FLYING with Bryan Cranston and Steve Carell. See, those are all good things!

Downey and Linklater last collaborated on the trippy but poignant A SCANNER DARKLY back in 2006, but since then the actor’s star has exploded, and Linklater has gone on to achieve some of his highest acclaim ever with 2014’s BOYHOOD.

Obviously I’m down for this. A consummate pro, Downey is most known for his work as a certain metal humanoid in comic book pictures, but he has cranked out some good work in the meantime including the drama THE JUDGE and a small part in CHEF. Linklater is one of the most reliable and consistent directors of our time, doing great work with character driven films, so the two should mesh quite well on this project. Now the only question is can they get Keanu Reeves involved?

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING with Downey, Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei and more arrives July 7.

Source: THR



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