Robert Zemeckis says Back to the Future would not be made today

Next Wednesday marks the date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled to in BACK TO THE FUTURE II. The time-traveling trilogy is arguably the most likable in realm of film trilogies and you'd be hard-pressed NOT to find people celebrating it come next week. With that said, director Robert Zemeckis doesn't feel that the BTTF films would have even been made in today's cinema.

Robert Zemeckis on why BACK TO THE FUTURE wouldn't be made today:

Sadly, I don’t think anyone would make that film today. I don’t think the audience would understand it or have the interest in seeing that movie. I mean a lot of people would but it would never become the number one box office hit of the year.

I think that what’s happened is that films have fallen into slots or categories. One of the things that’s unique about BACK TO THE FUTURE is that back in the days when we had video rental stores they never knew what shelf to put it. They didn’t know if it was a comedy or should be in the science fiction section or the period movie section. They didn’t know where to put it and that’s what makes it unique and what gives it such longevity. But it’s very difficult for audiences nowadays to spend their money to see something if they don’t already know exactly what it’s going to be ahead of time.

When it comes to what makes bank at the box-office these days, it's hard to argue with Zemeckis' point. Cinephiles love films like BACK TO THE FUTURE where it blurs the lines between genres, but your general moviegoer is probably looking for something more straightforward. While I think BTTF would still do well if released today, it probably wouldn't touch the top five grossing films of the year. I suppose you could say that for a lot yesteryear's classics. Whoa...this is heavy.

Robert Zemeckis' latest feature, THE WALK, is now in theaters.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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