Ronald D. Moore reminisces for the 10th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica


It's be 10 years since Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica hit the small screen, and I find that hard to believe. There's not many shows that I'm willing to watch from week to week, as opposed to marathoning, but BStarG was one of 'em. While the show focused on the continuing war between man and the machines they created, it used its premise to tell stories that were relatable to our present situation. The pilot episodes were a brilliant analogy for 9/11, and gave the series a great sense of weight. While at the time, Ron Moore and crew were just doing their best to create a great TV show, time gives way to retrospect and Ron recently talked about what it's like to look back on what he had a hand in creating.

I'm very proud of it. I look back at it, and I showed it to my son a year or so ago. I watched some of the episodes with him for the first time, I hadn't seen them in quite a while, and I was very gratified that it held up and it was still really interesting. The performances are so solid and interesting; it was a great, great thing we were a part of.

I like the fact that we were so politically challenging through the show, that we addressed a lot of things that were happening in the world around us at that point, with terrorism and the war in Iraq and all that, and that we really went for it. We did suicide bombings and we did occupation. There was a certain fearless quality to what we were doing that I'm very proud of looking back on it.

We had a really great chemistry among all of [the actors] and they were so dedicated to it. And then in the writers' room, we just kept pushing the show further. We were always trying to challenge ourselves and we weren't afraid of moving the story forward at every turn. There was just such a commitment from everybody involved in the project. That was just a really special quality to it.


The great aspect of Battlestar Galactica is that because it's a Sci-Fi show, I never run short of friends who have never given it the time of day. That's great because it allows me to whip out my Blu-ray box set and have a chance to experience the show all over again with them. If you didn't get a chance to check out or Binge Watchin' TV Review, you can peep it here and then do a hardcore Netflix run! Suffice to say that it's a show worth watching again whether you're a newb or an experienced Viper pilot. So say we all.

You can check out Ron Moore's latest effort, Outlander, on Starz.

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