Rotten Tomatoes finds the best and worst director ever, and more fun facts

Chances are the vast majority of you visit Rotten Tomatoes at least every so often to see how a movie is doing critically or at the box office. It's a useful site, and generally I've found it to be pretty accurate rating most movies.

But there's so much info there, it can be used for many other things as well. Slate decided to play around with it for a while, and compiled a whole host of interesting charts and graphs based on the info from the site.

Most notably however, we're able to tell who are the best and worst players in Hollywood, at least from a critical perspective.

So who is in fact the worst director in history? It's not Uwe Boll. Rather, it would be Dennis Dugan, who's recent brushes with Adam Sandler for GROWN UPS (10%) and I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY (14%) have helped earn him that crown. You might say critics just hate Adam Sandler, as Dugan also directed a few of his "good' endeavors like HAPPY GILMORE, but even that is 1% shy of "freshness at 59%.

The best director award goes to Mike Leigh, with a 92.6 average, but if you want a stat from someone whose films you've mostly actually SEEN, that would be Ethan Coen, averaging an 84.6.

More fun is had with the worst actor and actress categories. Chuck Norris probably takes the former with an 18.4 average since 1985. And the worst actress? That would be Jennifer Love Hewitt, pulling a 18.9 and achieving the impressive dishonor of appearing in a fresh-rated film.

Addtionaly interesting RT-found facts can be found over at Slate.

Extra Tidbit: How much stock do YOU put in Rotten Tomatoes rankings?
Source: SlateLA Times



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