Routh talks Justice

This isn't a news piece per se, and please don't take it as concrete casting. This is just a little something Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS) had to say about the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie:

"The new Man of Steel, Brandon Routh, tells IESB that he’d definitely be interested in reprising his role as Superman for the “Justice League” movie and he’d be keen to “work with Christian [Bale] and whoever else was to be a part of it”.

Yeah, no shit you'd been keen to work with Bale, the man's f*cking incredible. People become better actors just standing next to him. Still though, I don't expect it to happen. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to see these two guys involved. I just don't think Bale would agree. Not unless somehow the studio heads managed to convince Nolan to direct it.

Still though, it's cool to know that at the very least Routh would be happy to be involved. Talk about typecast though.
Extra Tidbit: And if the film had to be done with a Bale-less Batman, who'd you like to see try to fill his shoes? Maybe Ben Stiller? That guy isn't in enough movies these days.
Source: MovieBlogIESB



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