Rumor: Robert Zemeckis took a meeting about directing The Flash movie

So, according to Screen Junkies, BACK TO THE FUTURE's Robert Zemeckis is "in talks" to direct Warner Bros. long-gestating THE FLASH movie. Which, oh my God, that's exciting!  For one, there's an old-school whimsy to a lot of his films that would fit perfect with this incarnation of THE FLASH. Sure Zemeckis has delved into dark territory before, but his most famous films like ROMANCING THE STONE, FORREST GUMP, and the aforementioned BACK TO THE FUTURE have a heightened and fun tone, and with BTTF, he also showed his adeptness at dealing with young coming-of-age stories. Not only that, but Zemeckis is also known for pushing SFX to their limits, and if there was any superhero that would be great to play in that kind of sandbox, FLASH would be it!

Now, of course, like it says in the headline, this is only a rumor. And even the idea of him being "in talks" is sort of vague and misleading. Indeed, he had a meeting with WB execs about the gig...but so are many other directors as well. And so far it's just one meeting - who knows, maybe he fucked it up or they hate his vision? At this point, while it's fun to speculate, just remember: salt, grain...you know the drill. 

However, we'll find out soon enough what happened, as I'm sure WB isn't going to sit on their hands on this property for long. Honestly, I'd love to read the tell-all book abou this era of DC movies, because man dos this all seems like a super-shit show. Like, why has FLASH had such a hard time getting made? What is turning these directors away from it? Hopefully all these delays and set-backs lead to a better film, regardless of who ends up taking the helm.

Now, with both Seth Grahame-Smith and DOPE's Rick Famuyiwa having dropped out, there has been no new release date set for THE FLASH at this time. 

Extra Tidbit: One of my favorite Flash moments ever is when he is body-swapped into Lex Luthor in the cartoon JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, and refuses to wash his hands because he's "evil".
Source: Screen Junkies



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