Ezra Miller quietly removed from Invincible; what’s next for the controversial actor?

Ezra Miller has been quietly replaced on the animated superhero series Invincible, possibly pointing to where their future is headed.

Last Updated on April 3, 2024

Ezra Miller Invincible

For a short bit there, it seemed like Ezra Miller’s career was going to be torpedoed thanks to numerous controversies. Yet, Miller managed to stay on board The Flash. OK, so that was yet another flop for DC but it showed there was still (some) support for Miller within the industry in one way or another. But now, it might truly be over, as Invincible, has quietly removed Miller from the series. The actor had been previously cast as D.A. Sinclair. So where does that leave the troubled star?

While Ezra Miller voiced the mad scientist with a penchant for turning people into obedient cyborgian zombie soldiers called “Reanimen” in the first season, Eric Bauza has now taken over the role. Miller only voiced the character in one episode (“You Look Kinda Dead”) so it’s really not that big of a loss for Invincible. But it does perhaps point to another shift in how Miller is being viewed within the community.

There were plans for a sequel to The Flash – with director Andy Muschietti saying only Miller could fill the role – but its underperformance at the box office killed those. With their continuation under the studio’s banner now over and the Invincible gig cut, where does that put Ezra Miller? With all objectivity, it’s not looking good.

Miller has almost far too many controversies, arrests and downright odd behavior to list here (might we suggest their “WTF Happened to This Celebrity?!” for a refresher?), but when you have a sheet that includes choking, grooming, burglary, and demanding that Susan Sarandon bow at his altar, you might find it tough to continue working in Hollywood…at least we’d hope. While Miller had a unique 2023 with The Flash and Dalíland (playing a younger version of surrealist Salvador Dalí), the actor’s 2024 is looking quite free.

Ezra Miller’s Invincible replacement, Eric Bauza, is one of the most talented guys in voiceover work right now, with credits that include Woody Woodpecker in the 2017 movie, numerous Looney Tunes characters in Space Jam: A New Legacy and Coyote vs. Acme, although we’ll probably never hear his work there.

Do you think Ezra Miller will land another high-profile project? Give us your predictions in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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