Russell Crowe in talks to join reimagined Dracula film Harker

Russell Crowe is in talks to join a reimagined tale of Dracula called HARKER, which finds the literary character of Jonathan Harker, an attorney, repurposed as a Scotland Yard detective investigating a series of murders by the most famous bloodsucker of them all, Count Dracula.

The pic is currently set to be helmed by director Jaume Collet-Serra (UNKNOWN, ORPHAN), who recently tussled with the AKIRA adaptation before it was put on ice over budgetary concerns. The plan is to have Collet-Serra shoot HARKER first and then come back to AKIRA once they've solved the budget issues. Maybe they'll solve the need to even make it at all and we can all rest easy.

HARKER sounds like it could be a cool project and reminds me a bit of what Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD was originally going to be, before it became a regular origin tale (with Crowe playing dual roles and shifting the focus to the Sheriff of Nottingham).

Crowe's plate is pretty damn full, though, as he's currently shooting LES MISERABLES and mulling over the role of titular character in Darren Aronofsky's NOAH.

Stand by for more on this one...

Extra Tidbit: Reimagining of David Fincher's Seven called "John Doe" and featuring the whole story from Kevin Spacey's perspective. Yay or nay?
Source: Vulture



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