Ryan Gosling, Donald Glover & Ezra Miller top list to play Willy Wonka

No property is untouchable in the era of reboots, remakes, spinoffs and origin stories – not even the likes of Willy Wonka. Warner Bros. is planning a new movie centered on the fictional chocolatier, and right now news has dropped that three names are on the top of the studio's shortlist to play the lead role: Ryan Gosling, Ezra Miller and Donald Glover.

The news comes as an exclusive from Collider who got word the studio is interested in one of these three for the movie from producer David Heyman (HARRY POTTER) and writer Simon Rich (MAN SEEKING WOMAN). Rumored to be an origin story about the candy maker, there's no word yet on who they’re leaning towards (if indeed any of the three), but a case can certainly be made for each of the actors.

Gosling is the most logical choice in terms of recognizability and star power and has worked with the studio on many projects. This includes BLADE RUNNER 2049, THE NICE GUYS, CRAZY, STUPID LOVE and more. Should the movie take a musical approach like WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY or CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, Gosling did show his song and dance chops in LA LA LAND in 2016.

Then there’s Miller, who is also a WB favorite after having roles in two of their major franchises – FANTASTIC BEASTS and as Barry Allen/The Flash in their DC slate. The fact Heyman also produces the FB movies means Miller may have a leg up over the other two.

Finally, there’s Glover, who seems like the bolder choice of the three. The actor/writer/director/musician/comedian has been on a rocket to stardom recently, stealing the show in the recent SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Again, though we don’t know the approach of the movie, should they go the comedy/musical route he could a more unique fit than the previous two. Word is Glover has been pursuing the role, even though he’s been hard at work on other projects like the remake of THE LION KING. 

Well, what does everyone think? I would be fine with any of these men taking on the role, so really its win-win-win for me. Each would bring their own spin to the role, even if Gene Wilder owns it for life. He OWNS IT. 

Source: Collider



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