Ryan Gosling to join Steve Carell in comedy?

In private Ryan Gosling may well be the next Richard Pryor but on-screen he hasn't done much to show that he's got comedic chops. But knowing what little I do about Gosling, that's exactly why he decided on his next film. Gosling will co-star with Steve Carell in an upcoming untitled comedy from the writers of BAD SANTA.

In the film, Gosling will play the "suave best friend" of Carell's character who's life is unraveling around him as he's going through a divorce and he tries to salvage a relationship with his children. The spec script was written by Dan Fogelman with John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who wrote BAD SANTA and BAD NEWS BEARS, directing.

It seems an unlikely choice for Gosling who has been offered numerous leading roles including many a superhero flick. I think that's exactly what Gosling is looking for. He's not looking to be in GREEN LANTERN or CAPTAIN AMERICA; he's just looking to be in movies he wants to be in. For whatever reason that means playing second banana to Steve Carell and to that I say, more power to ya.

Gosling can be seen next in the decidedly un-comedic BLUE VALENTINE with Michelle Williams.

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Source: Variety



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