Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper set for cop comedy

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are two actors cut from the same cloth. So much so, I'm kinda shocked someone hasn't gotten the bright idea to pair them together in a buddy movie....until now. Reynolds and Cooper are attached to star in an upcoming untitled action-comedy by Oscar-nominee Sheldon Turner (UP IN THE AIR). The film would star Reynolds and Cooper as partners on the San Francisco police force who must rely on their retired fathers, former policemen themselves, to help crack a case.

The project has been floating around for a number of years and at one point was titled BLOWBACK and had Dwayne Johnson and Reynolds set to star. The project has since gone through some rewrites and has dropped its old name. What also seems to have happened is that BLOWBACK, originally an Iraqi-war based action film, merged with RIDE ALONG, a more comedic cop movie. Whatever seems to be happening with the film, they're describing the new take as a modern day LETHAL WEAPON with an "edgy" R-rated vibe.

The project isn't set up at a studio yet and has no director attached but with Neal Moritz producing, Sony Pictures seems a likely spot. Both Cooper and Reynolds are extremely busy these days so finding time in both of their schedules for this film could prove to be difficult...

Extra Tidbit: It's just a matter of time before Bradley Cooper plays a superhero.
Source: THR



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