Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman talk Logan & Deadpool's Oscar potential

No matter how much acclaim they receive, money they make or impact they have on the zeitgeist, the Academy Awards never seem to recognize spectacle movies outside of the tech categories – let alone superhero flicks. We have seen massive, critically acclaimed vehicles get snubbed left and right, but according to two comic book movie heavyweights these dog days need to end.

During an interview with Variety, both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (DEADPOOL, LOGAN) have spoken about the others’ respective movies and how they feel these kinds of movies have potential for the biggest kind of gold:

Reynolds on LOGAN:

Logan’ looks like a movie that might break that glass ceiling. I know first-hand that it’s amazing. I’ve seen some of it. It’s mind-blowing. It relies a lot on character.

Jackman on DEADPOOL:

When I hosted the Oscars, [Dark Knight] didn’t get nominated, and everyone was talking about it. It’s a stretch to say these are injustices in life — we are happy and making movies. But I love it when someone like Ryan gets recognized. These big-budget or comic book movies are not easy to pull off.

Of course, Jackman is of course referring to the 2009 Oscars, when THE DARK KNIGHT was snubbed for Best Picture (despite much industry support), with the fifth slot instead going to the forgettable Holocaust drama, THE READER.  In fact, the snub sent such shock waves that the Academy has since allowed as many as 10 nominees for the top prize. Though no superhero movies have gotten in, the increase has allowed for other movies, like UP, TOY STORY 3, and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD to easily find a spot.

However, the superhero trend being bucked by either DEADPOOL or LOGAN is not a radical thought. DEADPOOL has in some ways gotten closer to being nominated for Best Picture than even KNIGHT, as the movie and Reynolds were able to snag nominations at the Golden Globes (airing this Sunday).  When it comes to LOGAN, director James Mangold recently said the movie was more like a drama with “intense action scenes”, which could be enough to get the Academy to look at it in a different light, if it’s good that is.

Frankly I think it is past due for a superhero movie to make the cut into the big race. It’s understandable for those in the industry to scoff at the genre, given the bombardment of them we get, but when movies like IRON MAN, KNIGHT, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and more are making such an impact, and winning some of the best reviews of the year, it’s time to start looking at them as more than just blockbuster flicks. I don’t know if DEADPOOL is the movie to do that this year, but it’s proven a lot of people wrong so far.

Source: Variety



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