Ryan Reynolds is gonna give it to ya in the latest trailer for Deadpool

Well, it looks like there's one more present under the tree, delivered by a man in a red suit carrying twin katana blades and a really foul mouth. If you were guessing DEADPOOL, then you were right. And I'm sure he ate all the cookies you left behind last night as well. Yes, the new trailer for DEADPOOL has been unwrapped and it's a marvelous thing to behold for those of us that have been eaglerly awaiting the Merc With The Mouth to make his way to the big screen all proper-like, complete with an R-rating, Ryan Reynolds in costume, Tim Miller behind the camera, and plenty of fourth-wall breaking insanity to behold. So, go ahead, tear into this sucker and give it a whirl (red-band and green-band below).

"I don't have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus."

"Time to make the chimi-fuckin-changas."

Now that the #12DaysofDeadpool are over and we're less than two months away from seeing this sucker in action, there's not much else to see. Either you're on board or not at this point. Personally speaking, I'm just excited as hell to see if they can pull this off. I have every faith that they will, but I can't call it till I see it...and I can't wait to get to that point. This is easily my most anticipated film kicking off 2016 and based on all we know, all we've seen, and all we've heard, I'm ready for this chimichanga to be served. Okay, my last Deadpool pun, I swear.

DEADPOOL blasts into theaters on February 12th, 2016.

Source: Fox



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