Scream & A Nightmare on Elm Street horror legend Wes Craven has passed away

A sad loss of cinema today, especially the horror genre, as legendary filmmaker Wes Craven has passed away at the age of 76 as a result of brain cancer. Craven entered the horror scene in 1972 with the cult hit THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and went on to create a steady stream of horror hits, icons, and franchises that continue to resonate to this day. 1977's THE HILLS HAVE EYES was another cult smash for the director, but his most notorious creation came in the form of Freddy Krueger (as portrayed by Robert Englund) in 1984's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, which has gone on to become a true horror icon and staple to the genre, spawning numerous sequels, a reboot (with another rumored on the way).

Craven dabbled in other genres as well, crafting an early comic book adaptation of SWAMP THING, the horror/comedy VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN, the musical drama MUSIC OF THE HEART with Meryl Streep, and the action-thriller RED EYE. His most recent success was with the SCREAM franchise, created by Kevin Williamson, which Craven directed to four successful films (and which is now a hit show on MTV). That's not to mention the many other films in Craven's resume, which fulfill a truly amazing body of work for a filmmaker that stayed true to his craft and helped spearhead the horror genre to what it is today. May you rest in peace, Mr. Craven, and continue to haunt the dreams of generations to come. A true master of the craft.

What is YOUR favorite Wes Craven film (or memory of seeing one of his films)?

Extra Tidbit: While I love many of Craven's films, I truly enjoyed the theatrical experience of the first two Scream films. They were such great "audience" films and it really made the shocks and twists of the film stand out, almost like being in the movie yourself. Masterful work for the genre and the overall cinematic experience.
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