Sean Penn to hang ten in surfing biopic

Almost thirty years after playing Jeff Spicoli in FAST TIMES AND RIDGEMONT HIGH, Sean Penn is bringing his love of surfing back to the big screen. Penn is in talks to produce and star in a biopic of surfing legend Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz.

A former doctor, Paskowitz quit his successful profession after two failed marriages and realizing he wasn't happy in his life. He hit the road, married again, gave up all his money and spent the rest of his life living out of a camper and surfing daily. This is all well and good but Paskowitz also imposed this lifestyle on nine children who were all forced to live out of the same van and practice surfing daily. (As you might imagine, some of his children aren't exactly pleased with their father and the way they grew up.)

Hollywood has long tried to get Paskowitz to sign away his life rights but only Penn's involvement convinced the surfer, now 89, to finally allow a movie to be made about his life. Previously the documentary SURFWISE was produced about him and his family. Paul Feldsher will write the script for the film, which Penn is attached to star in. Penn can be seen next in the political drama FAIR GAME with Naomi Watts.

Extra Tidbit: I'm guessing that THREE STOOGES movie is never gonna happen.
Source: Variety



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