See Salma Hayek as a scantilly clad stripper in this trailer and poster for Americano

The new independent flick AMERICANO, starring Salma Hayek, Mathieu Demy (making his directorial debut here), and Geraldine Chaplin is getting a limited theatrical run this month. The film is a meditative look at the intertwining lives of people dealing with-oh, cut the crap.

Look, this movie has Salma Hayek stripping. End of story.

Bring singles:

In all seriousness, this looks pretty decent, if not weird, off-kilter, and not at all flattering for Mexico's tourism bureau. Demy is kind of a big deal in Europe as an actor and Hayek is kind of a big deal universally as a super hot actress, so there are some wins in this for everyone I suppose.  Personally, I'm kind of happy just to see Hayek back onscreen, most notably in Oliver Stone's upcoming SAVAGES.

Here's the synopsis:

The death of his mother draws a young Frenchman (Demy) back to his childhood home in Los Angeles as he prepares to wrap up his mother’s estate. Things become complicated when he discovers that she was very fond of a woman named Lola (Hayek), who appears in her will. Martin combs Los Angeles for his mother’s mysterious friend and companion, finding no trace of her. Traumatized at the sight of his mother’s body in the morgue, he drives to Tijuana in search of Lola, thinking she should inherit his mother’s apartment. But is Lola, his childhood playmate, truly the woman who brightened his mother’s life in Los Angeles — or is she a darker femme fatale, echoing the titular screen character from one of Jacques Demy’s key works?

AMERICANO opens in limited release on June 15, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Yep, Geraldine Chaplin is one of Charlie Chaplin's daughters. So, there's that.
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